VR (Virtual Reality) is the new trend in the technology industry and has often been talked about to be a worthy replacement for those gigantic TVs and also large sized monitors for various kinds and styles of media consumption. It’s amazing how fast technology has actually moved forward and consumer ready models of this amazing new products are available in the market. To complement the amazing VR products, the new Microsoft AR (Augmented Reality) special HoloLens VR offers functionality that has never been visualized before. However, you may only need these technological marvels for temporary use and for that particular purpose, Tablets 4 Rental offers highest quality VR Hire services where you can rent out VR and AV products based on how long you need them for.


Why VR Hire?

Virtual Reality products have evolved a great deal since their first idea was marketed. They now have the ability to provide a much enhanced gaming experience where the user can indulge in the game using not only joysticks but also by having their actual physical movements tracked as well. Additionally, VR Rental services can also cater to businesses who might want them for various product demos or business meetings for presentations and keynotes. Virtual Reality Hire services offered by Tablets 4 Rental are based around temporary needs and we offer a wide range of brands and devices to cater for all specific needs and requirements. Why invest in purchasing these expensive technology products when you can have VR Rental services from Tablets 4 Rental catering to your temporary needs efficiently?


VR Hire for Gaming

One of the basic and most popular uses of VR Hire devices is for gaming purposes. If you are a game developer business and are in temporary need of a few VR devices, Tablets 4 Rental can provide you VR Hire services that will satisfy all your needs and requirements without there being a need for you to invest heavily in these expensive products and complete purchases where your requirement is only for a few hours. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive along with the new PlayStation VR are some of the most popular gaming VR devices and our Virtual Reality Hire services offer these cheaply with all the accessories that you might need. Our plug and play VR Hire devices are ready as you are and provide instant usage access to our clients all the time.

VR Hire for Business

VR Rental services required for business use are efficiently catered to by Tablets 4 Rental as well. We have VR and AV devices from all brands and manufacturers that can be used for:

  • Product research meetings
  • Virtual team meetings
  • Product demonstrations with custom software
  • Viewing high quality video content
  • Virtual mapping of spaces and places
  • Board office presentations & seminars

VR Hire for Your Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows and other business events are some of the most popular occasions within the business community. Business representatives gather to show off their features and products that can be done much more realistically and in a modern way using VR Rental services from Tablets 4 Rental. We offer high quality Virtual Reality Hire services that can set up all your devices ready for use at your trade show’s locations and can be collected just as easily right after you are finished with them. Our VR Hire services can be customized in any number of devices or any setting and installation matching your requirements perfectly providing your users a much enhanced experience that they will remember for a very long time.

VR Brands We Offer

Whether you want VR Rental products for casual media consumption or you have a business meeting coming up for your presentations or product launch events, Tablets 4 Rental has all the VR brands with specialized products that will cater to your needs efficiently. Get the gaming special VR Rental devices if you need them for that purpose with all added accessories as well making your gaming feel real and just outstanding. Our current stocks of Virtual Reality Hire devices include all models from:

  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Daydream
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • PlayStation VR
  • HoloLens VR

For media consumption of the very best quality, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream suit best, while the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR are gaming special options. Get VR Hire for the most recent HoloLens VR and feel futuristic already walking around being aware of the surroundings and doing all your virtual stuff as well at the same time? The HTC Vive is a special products as well offering a bit of everything with its durable construction and fully immersive experience.

VR and AV Hire

AV (Audio Video) devices complement VR products beautifully. Tablets 4 Rental offers high quality VR Rental as well as AV Hire & Rental services that can make any large events modern and functional at the same time. Get large monitors with surround sound equipment to port the display of you Virtual Reality Hire devices effortlessly and show the larger audience just what the first user is seeing through their VR devices. You will not find better and more integrated VR Hire and AV Rental services from any other supplier in the business. Our expert installation staff also provides on-site installation for all our VR Rental and AV Hire devices enabling you to just arrive and use these without there being any delays at all.

Why Tablets 4 Rental for Virtual Reality Equipment

Are you a business or individual who is looking for short term or long term Virtual Reality Hire devices? Have you had enough of technology rental providers asking too steep prices where the difference between purchasing a device and renting it is not that appealing? You are at the right place. Tablets 4 Rental is the most experienced technology rental business in your market and we have efficient VR Hire plans that provide you as many VR devices as you like for your temporary needs without asking prices that will leave you gobsmacked at all. Call us now or write to us from our website and we will get to you as soon as we can offering highest quality VR Rental services for all kinds or purposes, uses and requirements.


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