Our Quick Rental Policy

1. Work out exactly which iPad/laptop model and quantity you require to rent for your event. If you an unsure, get in touch!
2. Work out your iPad/laptop rental start and end date (allowing some time for pickup and collection)
3. Contact our rental sales team via phone or email; 0800-014-8084 or rentals@tablets4rental.com
4. We’ll send you a quote and if you’re happy we’ll send you an invoice and rental agreement.

What are your opening hours?

We are contactable 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Therefore we can accommodate out of hours orders and fulfillment. Please email us at rental@tablets4rental.com for further details or call us on 0800-014-8084


When does the rental period begin and end?

We calculate rental periods based on days rather than hour to keep things simple. The days are counted from the moment we send you any goods and they have arrived to when we have received the goods back at our office. If for instance you required delivery of the goods, and we posted it on Monday via next day delivery, then the rental period will begin the day it was delivered to you (in this case Tuesday). Then if we collected it back to on Friday PM then the rental period would be four days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. The rental periods work in your favour, we do not count the period of time when goods are in transit. However please retain all proof of postage in the rare event that the courier/RM take longer than expected. We advise all customers to post items back to us via next day delivery if we have not arranged delivery/collection, just as we do to you. If an economy service is used to send goods back without our agreement we may charge you for the extra days spent in transit.


Are your tech devices insured? What happens in the event of damage?

Our items are given without insurance, however, you have the option to purchase insurance from us so that if an item does get damaged you do not have to worry knowing it will be taken care of. However if you do not purchase insurance and an item is lost/stolen or damaged you will be charged for the replacement of the item. All staff are fully insured and covered and there is no need to worry about any liability insurance when hiring our exceptional staff.


What happens when an item is lost/stolen?

We will charge you for the cost of replacement and send you another one. Sending out another item may be subject to additional p&p costs too. Please let us know immediately when an item is lost or stolen so we are aware and can take necessary action to help you with a replacement.


Can I take an item abroad?

We generally do not rent out to individuals who want to take any items abroad, but we do allow companies to do so for business use. However, each situation is judged on a case-by-case basis. If you intend to take an item abroad we must be informed prior to signing rental agreement. You will need to get insurance cover for taking whatever items you need abroad too, a high percentage of items taken abroad are mislaid/lost/stolen/damaged. So you must get insurance cover.

What is your damage/wear and tear policy?

We fully expect our tech devices to show some signs of wear and tear over time – light brush marks and minor scuff marks are all acceptable. We want you to enjoy using your rental devices and not feel like you have a huge liability on your hands. Generally as long as you don’t spill any liquids on rental devices, nor do you scratch/mark the screen, it should be fine.

That being said we can’t accept deep highy visible scratches or dents on the devices.



What payment methods do you accept?

Our preffered method is Bank Transfer (BACS) to our company account. Please use your quote number as the payment reference.

Barclays Business

The Tekk Group Limited

Acc No: 60738255

Sort Code: 20-25-19

However we do accept all major debit and credit cards, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex


When is payment due?

Payment is due at the time of the booking.


Quick Booking in under 10 Minutes!

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