Rent an iPad today for your Local Exhibition!

We provide iPads for rental anywhere in London – same day or next day across the UK and Europe. We also provide delivery worldwide for our international customers.

The iPad is the best exhibition tablet for your upcoming event! The clear, high-resolution display will display your video/images, perfectly. We have all the latest iPad models in stock, ready for rental. This includes the iPad Mini 4, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro. Using the latest in tablet hardware technology, the iPad is more powerful and capable than ever before.

The iPad Pro has proven to be hugely popular with our clients renting iPads for Exhibitions. More screen real-estate makes a big difference at Exhibitions, where the focus is on what’s being displayed. Videos and images come to life on the high resolution retina display of the iPad, and the device is powerful enough to display 4K resolution videos without any problems!

We also provide iPad stands for rental. This is a very popular choice amongst customers renting iPads for their Local Exhibitions. Our high-quality iPad stands securely hold the iPad in place, with a weighted base to ensure stability. We have high-quality floor stands and desktop stands available for rental. Both types of stands are very easy to fix in position and open/lock. Give us a call to discuss your event needs and an experienced member of our Sales Team will assist you with your iPad rental.

Many of our customers renting iPads for Local Exhibitions rent iPads and stands to showcase videos/branding. Many of our customers provide us with their own files/apps to be uploaded. We work closely with you throughout this process, paying attention to detail so that your exhibition goes exactly as planned. We can, for example, upload videos to the iPad’s video player or a separate app, to loop in a certain order.
Tablets4Rental can set each individual setting on the iPad, in advance. E.g. The Home button can be locked so that access is limited to only users with the password. Venue Wi-Fi details can be set in advance so that your iPad is already connected and ready to go once you switch it on! If you have any specific requirements in mind, please get in touch so that we can further discuss your iPad rental.
All of our iPads connect to Wi-Fi networks but we can provide you with a 4G unlimited data plan. This will ensure internet connectivity, no matter where your event takes you! Please get in contact to discuss your connectivity requirements!

We regularly provide iPads and iPad stands for rental for Local Exhibitions across the UK. We have a lot of experience configuring iPads for Exhibitions, working closely with our clients to ensure no detail is missed. All rental items are carefully packed by our technical team. We provide technical support for the duration of your iPad Rental and can provide on-site support if needed.