iPad Pro 12.9

The Apple IPad Pro 12.9 is a true technology marvel. Aimed at business users where they can replace their laptops when required for usage on the go, the large 12.9” screen on this tablet is also very high quality. With state of the art sturdy and high quality hardware, it also has Apple’s leading computing prowess. For all business events and occasions, Tablets4Rental provides high quality Apple IPad Pro 12.9 Hire products that offer full functionality at only a fraction of their full prices. We are most experienced technology rental service providers in the UK offering leading IPad Hire services as well.


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IPads Available for All Business Events in the UK

Apple’s IPads are without a doubt some of the most functional business devices. Tablets4Rental offers high quality iPad Pro 12.9 Hire devices perfected for all business events. We have custom hardware accessories including iPad Pro 12.9 Stands and Mounts for all usage orientations. You can use these while standing up for business presentations or you audiences can enjoy usage while in their hands. Our perfect iPad Pro 12.9 Rental products are available for all business events including:

  • Major product launch events anywhere in the UK
  • Tradeshow booths and setups with perfect application
  • Social medial walls for any business events
  • Employee training workshops and meetings with perfect hardware
  • Top level CEO and Board Meetings with high quality hardware
  • Product exhibitions with promo software available
  • Conferences and meetings for staff or other businesses
  • Educational surveys and employee feedbacks at all levels
  • Grand openings and any other corporate meetings


We Cater for Any Business Events in the UK

Business events happen in all sizes all over the UK. Tablet4Rental is well equipped to cater for all sizes of events and occasions. Whether you are holding a large business events needing hundreds of iPad Pro 12.9 Hire products or your event is entry level, we can make all of them much more functional and productive with our iPad Hire devices. with a professional approach to all business events, we offer services that are best in the UK and provide full customer satisfaction.

Choose your number of required iPad Pro 12.9 Hire products from our form below. We will provide you a price quote instantly with the option to have next day installation anywhere in the UK.


IPad Pro 12.9 Hire for All UK Locations

Tablet4Rental is part of a large tech rental group. We provide our iPad Hire devices for all UK businesses. Now you can get high quality iPad Pro 12.9 Hire products at any locations in the UK. Our free installation service gets to any UK location efficiently and in the shortest time possible. Whether your business event is in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Liverpool, Essex, Leeds, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Rhondda, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dublin, Belfast or any other major city of the UK, we will provide iPad Hire devices for it efficiently. We also provide our devices in any small town or county in the UK as well. You will always get:

  • High quality customer service from our customer support agents
  • Free installation for our iPad Pro 12.9 Hire devices at your locations
  • Same day dispatch with next day arrival service available all over the UK
  • Best suitable accessories including stands, mounts and bags available for iPad Pro
  • Any software applications available on pre-installed basis on request
  • A selection of many tech devices along with iPads to support business events of all kinds.

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