Rent an iPad from Tablets4Rental today and take advantage of a handheld device with the power of a PC. Many of our customers rent iPads for surveys and data collection. There are a wide variety of survey apps available for download on the App Store.

Most of the popular survey apps for the iPad include a back office, accessed online, which will allow the user to fully customise their survey/s, with a wide range of different types of questions, text fields, urls, background images, UI, colour scheme and more. Data collected from the survey is saved to the iPad and can be retrieved as an XML file/s once your event is over.

Tablets4Rental will guide and assist you throughout this process. Once you have placed your iPad rental, our technical team can set up the survey/s for you, as required. Our team will work with you to ensure the survey is set up exactly as you require. Once you are happy with the survey we will publish the survey online to be accessed from the iPads when you need it.

Each iPad can be customised for your rental. This includes, custom branding/logo, apps, settings, UI and more. If your venue has Wi-Fi we can pre-configure each iPad to connect to the network, providing you have the SSID/password and security settings. No Wi-Fi at your venue? Don’t worry! We can offer 3G/4G connectivity with unlimited data usage for the duration of your rental.

When your rental is over, and when we have the iPads back with us, we can retrieve your survey data collected and send it over to you. All of our customers renting iPads for surveys have been pleased with the results as it saves a lot of time (and paper!) by having your survey on an iPad and being able to view and download survey data makes it an easy choice if you require data collection!

Tablets4Rental recommends renting our high-quality iPad Floor Stands to go with your iPad Rental. It’s easier (and safer!) to keep the iPad secure and locked in position rather than having it loose. Our iPad floor stands can be rotated and tilted to your desired angle and the weighted base will keep it grounded.

We have the latest iPad models in stock, ready to hire. This includes the iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro and iPad Air 2. Our pricing is very competitive and we promise to beat any existing quotes! Once each iPad has been set up, all of the iPads are fully charged, switched off, cleaned, placed in an executive leather case and packaged carefully to ensure they reach you in perfect condition and our reliable couriers will ensure your iPads are delivered on time, wherever your event may be!
Get in touch today and make a difference at your next event! Call on 0800 689 4675 to speak to one our friendly and helpful Sales Advisors who will guide and assist you with your iPad Rental.