Hire iPads for your Press Briefings!

Keep all your files on one device and stay connected to your network at all times – if your venue has no Wi-Fi connection, Tablets4Rental can provide iPads with 3G/4G connectivity. No need to use a pen and pad anymore as the iPad has many features that make your life easier, with built in apps, such as the camera/gallery, notes/reminders and more, but the iPad also has access to over a million apps that can fulfil many different functions, including apps that focus on group activities, such as Press Briefings, Conferences, Meetings, Trade Shows, Team Building Activities and more. Apps like Microsoft Office 365 allow the user to create, save and view files on any device with the app installed.

Many of our clients have hired iPads specifically for use at Press Briefings and the feedback has always been positive. iPad’s allow the user to do more than just note down information, they make organising and accessing different types of media a lot easier and allow the user to stay connected.

Rent iPad’s for your Press Briefing today and make use of apps such as Microsoft Office 365. This is the most popular app for creating documents and comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more. Files can be saved to your cloud. Your Office 365 account can be accessed across all of your devices. Presentations can be set up on your desktop and viewed or edited later on your iPad. Notes/url’s can be saved in OneNote and accessed later, on any other device with Office 365.

Your iPad rental can be configured exactly as you require and this is a service we provide, for free! We can customise and clean up the UI, configure your individual iPad settings, apply logo/branding images, upload files/media and install any apps that you require. The Home Button can also be locked with a passcode – this is often a popular option with customers who have iPads set up for surveys, presentations and exhibition displays as it keeps the user on the chosen app/page at all times and denies access to other iPad functions.

Many of our clients hire our high-quality iPad Floor Stands for use at their events. This keeps your hands free and keeps the iPad secure, raised and fixed in position. The iPad cage of the stand can be rotated and titled with ease and the stands base is weighted to give it a sturdy foundation but light enough to pick up and move if needed. Once you are happy with positioning the stand, it can be easily locked in place, keeping it safe and secure. Placed in the stand, the iPad’s screen, Home button, headphone and camera functions can still be accessed as normal.
Would you prefer to have your iPad raised on a stand that allows rotation and tilting? Get in touch with us today by calling 0800-689-4675 and a member of our sales team will assist you with hiring stands with your iPad Rental.